Director Cathy Garcia-Molina, Jennylyn Mercado, and John Lloyd Cruz join forces to give us a great film filled with comedy, drama, and romance.

Just The 3 Of Us poster is herephotoarticle

Director Cathy Garcia-Molina gives us another film from her box of wonders.* Jennylyn Mercado and John Lloyd Cruz lead the film with such surprising chemistry, it is a mystery how it took them this long to be paired together.

After three weeks since an intoxicated one night stand with Uno Abusado (Cruz), CJ Manalo (Mercado) finds out she is pregnant and asks him to provide for her and the baby. A succession of hunts and begs later, Uno decides to let CJ stay in his place for 6 weeks, which is the time needed for a proper paternal test. From the get go, it is clear that their personalities do not match at all, but as those six weeks pass they learn to realize that they are perfect for each other.**

After English Only, Please and #WalangForever, Mercado proves once again that she is one of the best leading ladies of GMA Network. Her drama acting was superb, and her comedy was surprisingly good. I am particularly amazed at her ability to cry in an instant.

Meanwhile, Cruz does what he does everytime. He was charming, relatable, and funny. He was able to bring the sad and heavy life of Uno (a sub-plot) with justice. His character was arrogant when he needed to be, but once the reason is revealed one cannot help but feel sorry for the guy.

Speaking of the sub-plot, it was heart-wrenching and well-delivered. I apologize that I cannot say much, because that would be going to Spoiler City.

The supporting characters serve their purposes really well. Uno getting interrogated by CJ’s brothers was a good and funny scene. Richard Yap (Mr. Gatchalian, the Head of Aviation) shows his acting chops as well. However, the introduction of Baron Geisler’s character promised potential and spice to the narrative, but he suddenly disappeared.

It is very clear while watching the film that it was made by professionals who know how to tell a story very well. A film may be filled with cliches, but its success always boils down to how it delivers the story.

Just the 3 of Us is a film that shows how love is a choice we consciously make (not just a sudden emotion that we feel in our hearts), and it is a film I recommend because it is …


* Sure, some would say she never gets out of her safe zone, but rom-coms are simply the genre she is good at. As long as she delivers, that’s okay by me.
** “Polar opposites match” cliche



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