Dawn Zulueta proves to moviegoers that she is still “leading lady” material at the age of 47.

Piolo is thorn between two beauts Dawn Coleen in Love Me Tomorrow posterphotoarticle

Director Gino Santos offers the viewers a movie with a premise that is full of potential. With seasoned actress Dawn Zulueta and heartthrob Piolo Pascual leading, this movie should be good.

The film is about Christy (Zulueta), a 49 year old fashion designer, and JC (Pascual), a DJ of a famous club. A year after her husband died, Christy finds herself falling in love with JC…despite the obvious age difference. Meanwhile, she tries to find success for her fashion business, and JC, along with his friend/FuBu Janine (Coleen Garcia), sets up his own club.

Without a doubt, Dawn Zulueta is the star of this movie. At the age of 47, she is still beautiful and stunning. She makes the most out of the script given to her.

The sub-plot of JC’s professional DJ career is a good point, too. In many ways, it is a better story than the main one.

However, Love Me Tomorrow suffers from a very predictable and cliched plot that people have seen hundreds of times. Scenes are predictable; dialogues are predictable. It is frustrating to see a premise that has potential only to be poorly executed. The movie has few scenes which seems to give more depth to the “age is just a number” theme of the movie, but it quickly falls to the limits of generic romance movies.

The chemistry between the two leads is nearly non-existent and obviously forced. There is no build-up whatsoever to their “budding” romance besides the accidental encounters, obligatory stares, and “the plot needs it” coincidences.

Further more, sub-plots just come and go, and all of them are resolved in such a quick way that viewers are left to wonder why it is shown in the first place. One potentially good sub-plot is hinted but is never mentioned again.

What makes it more frustrating is the fact that the last scene is exponentially better than the rest of the movie.

Love Me Tomorrow has a premise that is executed in a way we have seen before… and we have seen similar premises executed better. For that, this movie is…



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