Being one of the most portrayed characters in movies, this 2016 Tarzan has been given the Hook treatment. Did it make the loincloth wearing man a more interesting character?


Harry Potter director David Yates attempts to give new life to Tarzan, a character who is portrayed more than a hundred times. With Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie in the lead, The Legend of Tarzan should deliver something new to the “man-ape” sub-genre.

The story takes place years after the Tarzan story we know. Tarzan (Skarsgard) now resides in England as Lord Greystoke with his wife, Jane Porter (Robbie). After hearing from George Washington Williams (Samuel Jackson) that King Leopold II of Belgium is using African slaves to export minerals, Tarzan decides to go back to Congo. Unbeknownst to him, Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz) plans to capture him in exchange for diamonds from Chief Mbonga (Djimon Hounsou), Tarzan’s old enemy.

One does not want to sound negative immediately, but there’s something definitely wrong in The Legend of Tarzan. Yes, sure enough, the Tarzan action sequences are great. Tarzan swinging around the jungle still has that sense of awe.

Yes, Margot Robbie gave us another reason to wait impatiently for Suicide Squad.

But, The Legend of Tarzan lacks the “Tarzan feel”. Audiences will not feel the thrill of adventure the same way older Tarzan films did. Heck, even the Disney version made me feel it. So what caused this lack of thrill? Perhaps the film tried to ground itself on reality too much. The movie forgot that Tarzan is all about the wonders and mysteries of the jungle.

Any sense of wonder, mystery, and thrill is left in the flashbacks… The Tarzan origin. This is incredibly frustrating since the Tarzan flashbacks are the best thing in the entire movie. in fact, that is exactly one will be looking for in a Tarzan movie!


Another one of its blunders is how they treat Tarzan as this unstoppable force of nature, which was briefly alluded to…fine…, but a story is such a bore if nothing can challenge the hero. Even Rom’s weapon of choice, which was established as a dangerous weapon, gives little trouble to Tarzan.

The Legend of Tarzan could have been more, and it should have been more. Because of this, this movie is only…



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