After almost half a year of delay, Jackie Chan’s latest film makes its way to the big screen.


Jackie Chan seems to be a tag team specialist. This time, he is with Jackass frontrunner Johnny Knoxville. Do they have the same chemistry as Chan and Tucker/Chan and Wilson?

The movie is about Hong Kong police Benny Chan (Chan) attempting to get American gambler Connor Watts (Knoxville) back to Hong Kong to cleanse the reputation of his goddaughter, Samantha (Fan Bingbing), who has been accused of stealing a million dollars. Things went sour later on as Chan discovers a lead on The Matador case, which he has obsessively followed for 9 years since the death of his partner, Sam’s dad.

Jackie brings his brand of action and comedy for the nth time, and he delivered yet again. Anything is a weapon in Jackie’s eyes. Action choreography is good, though clearly not on the same level to an average Jackie Chan movie. However, I am still impressed how he can do some stunts on his own. This guy is 62 years old!

As expected much of the humor relies on the two leads. Some were spot on; some were downright flat. The scene where the horse took a dump makes me crack up just by thinking about it. Some scenes looked like Knoxville was just filming it for the paycheck though.

The movie suffers from sub-plotosis. There was simply too much small stories crammed together to make this movie. For example, Watts’ sub-plot was unnecessary.

But my biggest issue was the character of Watts. His character change has not been explored much to the point that it looked natural… or at least realistic. It just seemed so sudden.

Skiptrace is not as good as regular Jackie Chan movies… not as good with the buddy chemistry, humor, and even action. For that, this movie is…