Storks Film Review

We have seen our fair share of animated bird movies. Some were good; some were bad. Storks attempts to fly high. From the director of the Neighbors franchise (Nicholas Stoller) and one of the animators of Pixar films (Doug Sweetland), Storks stars Andy Samberg, Katie Crown, and Kelsey Grammer in a film that is centered in the old answer to the old … Continue reading Storks Film Review


The Magnificent Seven Film Review

The second western adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai hits theaters with a bang! A remake has 50% chance of it being a good one; the success for a remake of a remake is much less so (just ask 2016's Ben-Hur). But director Antoine Fuqua accepted the challenge to remake the 1954 Japanese classic. With an ensemble … Continue reading The Magnificent Seven Film Review