Incredible pacing, great characterization, and a simple plot makes Train to Busan a thrilling ride!


Another zombie movie? After almost 80 years of zombie movies, it can be said that people have seen it all. Then director Yeon Sang-ho brings us Train to Busan. Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Su-an, this film brings something new to zombie movies.

Fund manager Seok-Woo (Yoo) reluctantly agrees to accompany her daughter Su-an (Su-an) to visit his ex-wife in Busan. In the train, they meet Sang-hwa (Ma Dong-Seok), his pregnant wife Seong-kyeong (Jung Yu-mi), a  bus company COO Yong-suk (Kim Eui-sung), and a group of college baseball players. Chaos came when an infected woman enters the train…much to the horror of the passengers.

The characters in this film are different from characters in your average zombie movie… They are human beings. The film expertly showed character motivations. You really want these people to succeed and reach Busan before it’s too late (except for one guy), which is kinda ironically rare in a zombie movie. The big brawler portrayed by Ma Dong-Seuk surprisingly provided most of the humor in the movie, and I definitely like his character. Incredible acting all through out. Tears were shed that night.*

The zombies, as well, were great in this movie. The way they move and react gives chill and thrill to the viewers. There were a lot of edge of your seat scenes in the movie. World War Z zombies might be faster and more rabid… But there’s something special in seeing REAL zombies, not CGIs.

The pacing of the film is superb!  There were no idle moments at all! Everything was a thrill ride from start to finish.

Train to Busan is all hits and no misses. Ticket price is worth it. I was honored to watch this movie with a pack of moviegoers who were as invested in this film as I am. Because of that, this film is definitely…


The Last of Us is not the only emotional zombie fiction anymore.

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