The eleventh commandment: Never break into blind Stephen Lang’s house.


Some critics did not like the blood and gore of director Fede Alvarez’ 2013 Evil Dead. Naturally, Alvarez’ answer is to remove all the gore and give us this year’s Don’t Breathe, a horror movie in which a blind man is the killer… Wait what???

The movie is about three delinquents Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minette), and Money (Daniel Zovatto). After hearing that a Blind Man (Stephen Lang) has a $300 000 settlement from the family of his daughter’s killer, the three decided to rob him. Unknown to them, the Blind Man was a Gulf War Veteran and a total badass.

Stephen Lang kills it as the Blind Man (pardon the pun). He was so good as this intimidating killer. The fact that he was mostly mute in the movie gave his performance a more chilling feel to it.

The three delinquents were also effective in their performance, especially Levy’s. However, this is that rare time when the audience are more on the side of the antagonist. C’mon! They’re trying to rob an old blind man. They got what they deserve. Go Blind Man!

The second act of the film was so effective. Alvarez was able to make the audience act like the teenagers in the movie. Everytime the Blind Man was on screen, I can feel myself breathing very slowly as to not give him a signal I am there. It makes the viewers feel like they’re in the movie.

However, the third act of the movie was a bit of a letdown. I wish THAT part of the narrative was not included at all. It felt so sudden and unnecessary, and the logic behind it was WTH.

Don’t Breathe is another horror film that showed us that our basic fears is, in its own way, more frightening than ghouls and demons. Due to Stephen Lang’s performance, its amazing 2nd act, and its added sub-plot in the third act, this film is…



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