When will it end???


Directed by Anna Foerster (directorial debut), this movie is the fifth in the franchise and stars Kate Beckinsale (Selene), Theo James (David), and Tobias Menzies (Marius).

Both the Lycans (werewolves) and the vampires hunt for Selene and her daughter, Eve. Selene hides her daughter and is later called by David and Thomas (Charles Dance) to help stop the conflict between the two factions. Meanwhile, a new Lycan leader, Marius, and a high-ranking vampire, Semira (Lara Pulver), separately plan to strengthen their respective factions by extracting the blood of Selene or her daughter.

It was great seeing Beckinsale in a leather suit again. She really looked like she did not age at all!

The action sequences were good enough, except for the ones with Lena because it feels so lazily done.

The movie is very formulaic in its plot. Talk talk talk fight repeat until the end of the movie. Everyone just talks and talks, and its not even natural. Every bit of dialogue felt so forced to the bones. Yes, certain films follow this flow, but the dialogues used in those films were so natural you barely felt the formula.

A few character motivations change in an instant with little to no moment to explanation. A lot of revelations appear with little to no moment for the characters to digest or react what they heard. For example (mini spoiler alert), Selene finds out Michael’s fate from the last movie, but there was no repercussion or reaction to it.

The antagonists were just there for this movie to have a villain. The fights between Theo and Semira and between Selene and Marius ended so stupidly that one would wonder how these two became such feared villains in the story.

Underworld: Blood Wars may have Kate Beckinsale in a leather suit, but that is not enough to cover the problems it has. Because of that, this movie is…



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