A breath of fresh air…


Director Avid Liongoren offers a love story featuring penis shaped monsters, crazy inventions, amazing visuals, and the ever beautiful ray of sunshine that is Rhian Ramos (Sally).

Saving Sally stars Marty (Enzo Marcos) as a nerdy graphic artist who’s in love with his bestfriend, Sally (Ramos), an eccentric inventor. Daily routines with Sally became part of Marty’s life … until Nick the Dick (TJ Trinidad) becomes her boyfriend.

The moment the opening scene starts, it is quite clear that this film is not the usual films that you see in the cinema. These days, it’s either a horrible comedy or a third party movie. With its artsy and humorous animated backgrounds, Saving Sally is extremely pleasing to the eyes. Looking for some visual jokes and pop culture reference is surely a treat.

Most of the actors in the film delivered well. Rhian Ramos simply glowed such radiant beauty in each shot it is hard not to like the character of Sally (She was 19 when this was made). The parents of Marty gave funny portrayals of the overloving mother and the clueless father. Marty’s employer from Renegade Publishing stole every scene he was in.

The story about Marty’s love for Sally was seen a lot of times. An underdog falling in love, a douche of a boyfriend, and falling in love with a friend are some of the usual tropes we have seen time and time again. But what separates Saving Sally apart is its execution. Humor, animation, and cute chemistry between the characters make this film so unique.


However, after the enjoyable ride this film takes you…it just ends. Yes, it ends in a good way, but a few scenes or dialogues could have ended the film with a much more lasting impact to the audience.

Saving Sally is a film that is a rare gem in a sea of repetitive mediocre comedy and kabit* movies. With its mix of humor, cute visuals, Rhian Ramos, and unique (and wonderful) execution of a story told a million times over, this film is surely…


*third party/infidelity

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