Only director Erik Matti can turn an innocent young girl into a manipulative demon.


Erik Matti directs yet another horror film in his repertoire. This time, it is about 4 deacons undergoing a 7-day retreat in the 1940s. Everything went haywire when a young girl named Anghela (Rhed Bustamante) and a nun (Phoebe Walker) joined the deacons in their … seclusion (ahem).


One of the great things about this film is how it makes you aware of your inner demons. In most horror films/movies, monsters, serial killers, and demons are the common antagonists. In Seklusyon, the deacons’ faith and willpower are tested everyday. Yes, there was a demonic intervention, but the real enemy here is the monsters hidden in the characters (much like in real life). Each deacon tries to battle these dark pasts, and they unfortunately cling to an entity with malicious intent.

Comparing it with the other entries in the MMFF, this film obviously has better cinematography and sound design. It simply looks professionally done!

The standout of this film is of course child actress Rhed Bustamante, who portrays Anghela. Her back and forth performance as an innocent child and a manipulative demon is fun to watch.

However, Ronnie Alonte, who portrayed the central character Miguel the Deacon, is a different story. 2016 was his first acting role in movies (Vince, Kath, and James was the other one). I guess he is just adjusting? The other three deacons seem to be hollow characters because all you need to know about them is just one thing (Lover Runner + No Mama No + Cookie Monster + Baby Bear = The Four Deacons).

Also, one of the rules the film introduced at the start of the film was completely forgotten or ignored in its climax. This made the primary antagonist too overpowered and unstoppable…

And the biggest downer I had with this film is that… it was not scary as I thought it would be. There is a lot of potential for its psychological horror vibe, but it was simply not that scary enough. One might feel uneasy watching Anghela spew black ooze out of her mouth… Or witness the crumbling of the deacons’ faith… But the fear factor is at a low.

Seklusyon is a well-shot horror film that is directed by a renowned director of the genre, however its lack of fear inducing scenes and ignorance of the rules it established make this only…



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