For almost 2.5 decades, video game-based movies have been greatly disappointing. Will this be different?


Well, the short answer is no.

Director Justin Kurzel and the entire crew behind this movie failed to capture the spirit of the game its based on. The reason? A heavy reliance on CGI and too much setup for a sequel that will not anymore see the light of day.

The movie revolves around Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender). Abstergo Foundation, a modern day Templar front, captured him to relive his ancestor’s memories through the use of a machine called the Animus. Through the orders of Alan Rikkin and Sophia Rikkin, Callum journeys through his ancestor’s past as an Assassin. The Rikkins’ goal is to acquire the Apple of Eden, a relic that contains the genetic code for free will. Through the exposure of the Animus Project, however, Callum learns of secrets that will shape his future…and also that of the world’s.

Everything does not feel right with this movie. Since the game franchise has such rich mythos and lore, one would think the filmmakers would give the viewers enough time to soak it in. But no! A lot of things happened way too fast, but the viewers barely had enough time to digest anything.

It shows in the basic execution of the narrative, and it is still present in the action sequences. Obviously, great stuntwork has been used, but the filmmakers opted to utilize such flimsy camerawork.

Even the character motivations are rushed. One moment Callum does not care about his heritage; the next, he is a proud Assassin… with little to no moment to show the transition. The same goes for Sophia’s character.

Lastly, after the disappointing film it presented, it assumes we wanted a sequel (as the last scene teased us).

Assassin’s Creed destroyed the hopes and dreams of gamers who want to see a good video game-based film. Sadly, with its use of camera work, sloppy pacing, and horrible switches in character motivations, this movie is definitely…



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