Like the characters of this movie, I have a mission… To clean my eyes after watching this…


Chris Martinez, director of the Kimmy Dora prequel and the Babae sa Septic Tank sequel, gives us an action-comedy film that was neither exhilarating nor funny.

Three ex-convicts, Aw (Arci Muñoz), Em (Coleen Garcia), and Gee (Jessy Mendiola), are recruited by FOTA, the Filipino Organization of Top Agents (a word play on the Filipino word for bitch). In exchange  to retrieve the 3 missing pearls (AKA Perlas ng Silangan).

If they hired Muñoz, Garcia, and Mendiola because of their looks and sex appeal, then they achieved that. In the course of the movie, they have a lot of costume changes that accentuate their curves. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of eye candy scenes.

And that is where the positives end…

AwEmGee! So much cringe was given the day I watched this movie. Let’s start with the genre. According to its Wikipidea page, this is supposed to be an action-comedy movie. Both the action and the comedy failed at delivering anything substantial.

The action sequences and the fight scenes are absolutely laughable. It is quite clear a number of the fight scenes are probably rehearsed once (or never). Every punch and kick has no power. The explosion in the climax did not present any danger because it was extremely unrealistic and had horrible VFX.

The humor was completely absent. One of the big reasons is the characters deliver the punchline with such emphasis the only thing missing is a big neon sign saying “That’s the punchline!”.

Also, the way the characters are portrayed… Just like the color designations of each main character, the characters in this movie are very one-dimensional. Each character was given only one adjective to work with, and the result is one caricature after another. The frustrating thing about all of this is that we have seen the actors’ ability to actually act in a different show/movie.

Extra Service provided no laughs, laughable action, and three gorgeous actresses who deserve better than this. This movie is really…



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