At the age of 62, Jackie Chan can still make fluid action comedy.


Directed by Stanley Tong (The Myth and Rumble in the Bronx), Jackie Chan’s next movie brings us to countries all over the world.

The movie revolves around archaeologist Jack (Jackie Chan), who was hired by another professor, Ashmita (Disha Patani), to retrieve the lost Magadha treasure in Tibet. Also on the hunt is an Indian Randall (Sonu Sood).

First of all, it is always nice to see Jackie Chan perform stunts. Lately, there are scenes which are obvious that Jackie used a wire to do a flip. But considering his age, he can still do a lot of things more than most people in my age*.

The fight scenes were well-choreographed, as expected from a Jackie Chan movie. Each execution can be easily followed…something most modern Hollywood movies are forgetting to do.

Jackie brings some of his usual gags and antics in this movie. If you have watched a lot of Jackie Chan movies/films, you would have a pretty good idea what would happen next in some scenes/fights. This would either make you anticipate or have that “meh, so that before” feel.


But the movie just feels like it was made because Jackie happens to be free at the time. Some of the humor were cheap and lazy. The change of the antagonist’s worldview was very sudden and was not given a proper scene to digest it. It’s just “Hey, you’re good now.”

BUT THEN THE MUSIC HITS AT THE END. And here I am asking, “Wait a minute, is this a sequel to The Myth???” Well, in my research there are no indications that it is a sequel to the said film. Looking back, however, makes me realize that it is! Last time I marked out of a movie’s ending was Final Destination 5.

The last scene just came straight out of a typical Bollywood movie, and I love it! It was so enjoyable to watch that for the remainder of the dance you forgot the problems you had with the movie.

If you’re a Jackie Chan fan, Kung Fu Yoga is still a fun movie to watch, but objectively speaking only the action pieces AND that last scene were the good things here. So, with a bit of reluctance, I, a Jackie Chan fan, would say this movie is …


*24 yo



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