If there’s something Mel Gibson proved in The Passion of the Christ and Hacksaw Ridge, it’s that he can make masterpieces with blood and gore.


Director Mel Gibson delivers yet another war film filled with intense action and and a lot of people dying.

At the outbreak of World War II, conscientious objector Desmond Doss (Garfield), enlists in the army as a combat medic, much to the disappointment of his father (Hugo Weaving). During the course (ahem) of his training and even that of the war, many of Doss’ co-soldiers (platoonmates? squadmates? I don’t know the term) and senior officers think of him as a huge liability. His faith and strong beliefs are tested as his division is assigned to take over the Maeda Escarpment/Hacksaw Ridge.

What I really like about this film is how it builds up to the brutal and high-octane second part. It might be too much for some audience, but the film shows war in its true state: nothing but carnage and mayhem. Beautifully choreographed and well-shot scenes of metal slugs bursting through anyone.

Garfield’s character, Desmond, attempts to patch it all up, literally and metaphorically as he mentioned in the trial scene. This is Andrew Garfield’s best acting yet. He has escaped the Spiderman’s shadow.

Hugo Weaving is amazing as a troubled WWI veteran and father of Doss. One scene he is an abusive husband; the next, he is a dad to the rescue. Through him, we see what Doss could have been if he let the war engulf him.

And that is what I like the best about this film. Doss’ belief of no killing and no guns is shown in such a way that we understand his reasons and we obviously understand his superiors’ annoyance of it. Is he a zealot or is he just stubborn? In the face of Armageddon, is it okay to let go of your morals and beliefs?

His relationship with Dorothy Schutte (Teresa Palmer) is also a very integral part of the film. In his most vulnerable state, he clings to his love of Dorothy to help him stick to his beliefs.

The last scene which features real interviews from Doss and other people in the war made me tear up a little. His life story reminded me of another WWII hero, Audie Murphy.

Hacksaw Ridge has amazing everything: cast, story, cinematography, action, and drama. I enjoyed every bit of it. Because of this, I truly believe this is…



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