A satirical horror film made by the great comedian Jordan Peele.

Wait… what?!


Jordan Peele makes his directorial debut in Get Out. Anyone who is familiar with Peele’s work knows him as this funny comedian who works with his usual partner Keegan-Michael Key in Comedy Central. But then, to everyone’s surprise and confusion, Peele’s first film is that of horror.

Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), a black man (or is it African-American), reluctantly agrees to his girlfriend’s wishes: to meet her completely white family for the first time. As Chris and Rose the Girlfriend (Allison Williams), arrive to the Armitage family residence, he immediately felt a certain level of uneasiness towards Rose’ parents (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) and the family black servants (Marcus Henderson and Betty Gabriel). He turns out to be right as soon as he uncovers the family’s dark secret/agenda.

Daniel Kaluuya’s acting shows the slow realization of the situation his character is in. From the moment he was being hypnotized to the moment he realized he cannot leave the residence, his expressions show extreme helplessness.

Speaking of expressions, this film is a perfect example of how micro-expressions show the deeper personality of people. You can see it especially when Rose’ parents talk to Chris. You can see it when the old white people are talking to Chris.

Also, the soundtrack of this film is very effective. The chills of the scene gets added by the music created by Michael Abels.

My only complaint/not-so complaint to the film is that it is a slowburn. At only 1:40 hours, the film feels really slow at times. However, each scene is important to the plot and allows the big payoff at the end to be more satisfying.

Get Out is a film that explores racism in a horror setting. That is quite a unique experience as I have never seen a horror movie that has racism as a pivotal part of the plot. This is certainly…



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