The colorful gang of teenage superheroes returns after 22 years since the first movie.


After almost two decades since its conception, the Power Rangers franchise aims to relive its glory days in the form of a reboot.However, since its announcement, its biggest opponent is ironically the extremely heavy nostalgia fans of the original have.

The story follows the typical Power Rangers plot. A group of five teenagers (with real attitude) are recruited to be trained as the next generation of Power Rangers, an intergalactic force assigned to protect the Zeo Crystals. However, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), the rogue Green Ranger of the previous generation, aims to steal the Zeo Crystals for her own nefarious reasons.

A movie about a group of teenagers, whether or not it is a CGI fest or an indie, relies heavily on the chemistry among the characters. I had doubts at the start of the movie because the reason why they all met is such a fortunate coincidence. But as the story progresses, the group starts to be organic, which is one of the main reasons why the original MMPR worked so well.

Bryan Cranston as Zordon is a big gift for Power Rangers fans. Cranston used to do voice work as some of the monsters in MMPR. Apha 5 (Bill Hader) is not as annoying as I remember (haha); however, I still need to adjust to his new design. Rita Repulsa is more vicious as ever! Off-screen murder and a jaw attached to her staff made me realize this will not be that cheesy Rita.

The moment when the Zords are charging to Rita’s location just gave me such an energetic fanboy moment. The original Power Rangers theme will always have a place in my heart.

I’m having a on-again/off-again relationship with the movie’s soundtrack. There are some moments were the music does not fit the scene; there are some moments where it’s just perfect (Bootstraps’ Stand By Me).

The fight scenes were shot too close and in shaky cam. It’s too hard to focus on the action if the movie itself won’t focus on it. The scene where they fight Rita’s putty monsters lost the grand scale it should have because the cameras focused on the Rangers rather than the situation they are in.

Also, the fight between the MegaZord and Goldar felt nearly nothing. Sure, the “Zords Combine to make Megazord” shot is awesome, but the fight itself feels extremely slow. I believe the filmmakers took their cue on Pacific Rim, but the way it was delivered was painful. (SPOILER) add the fact that Goldar was mainly defeated because of a German Suplex….

Lastly, it pains me to see that what should have been a normal Krispy Kreme product placement turned into a pivotal part of the plot. During the climax, when one of the Rangers commanded to never let Goldar reach Krispy Kreme, I absolutely cringed.

Power Rangers is a film built on nostalgia but has managed to present something new. Despite its stars’ chemistry and amazing costume designs, the film is loaded with problems in its action sequences and a blatant product placement. This is …



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