Funny is the new handsome, indeed!


Director Sigrid Bernardo’s (Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita) latest film brings an unlikely couple in Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez.

After breaking up with her fiance, Lea (de Rossi) becomes blind due to the extreme stress that followed. A few days later, she meets with her new neighbor, Tonyo (Marquez), who annoys her every morning with his Filipino cooking and unrelenting effort to talk to her. Soon, Lea slowly develops feelings towards Tonyo, whose humor makes her laugh everytime. However, there is a catch: Tonyo is a homely person.

I was surprised! I was absolutely surprised at the intense chemistry between Marquez and de Rossi. Their conversations may feel cheesy and corny, but we get a sense that there was really a spark between the two.

The humor in the film is very effective. Each joke (verbal or situational) generated deserving laughs. Again, this was possible because of the chemistry of the two leads.

The film has the “love is blind” theme (well, duh…) but it was not presented in a very stereotypical way.

However, there are three things that concern to me…


First, the series of revelations at the end of the film was good…if you remove one part of it. It was too nice and dandy for those series of events to happen… almost to the point of disbelief.

Second, the revelation that Empoy has a heart condition is really unnecessary as it did not affect the plot in a substantial way.

Last, let us all be honest here. If we use a different actor with a more comely appearance, the humor and effectiveness of this film will not be half as good as this. In the same way Kiray Celis made 2016 Love is Blind entertaining to watch, Empoy owned the film.

Kita Kita is a film full of laughter and tears. The chemistry between its two leads made this all the more entertaining. This film is…



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