Another Filipino horror movie about a particular Chinese tradition? Okay…


After the Feng Shui franchise, director Chito S. Roño brings us back to the world of Chinese-inspired horror in the form of The Ghost Bride, with Kim Chiu as the title character.

Financial difficulties push Mayen (Chiu) to the breaking point. When all means of income seem to be pointless, the mysterious Angie Lao (Alice Dixson) offers Mayen tons of money in exchange for her participation in a ghost wedding, where she will be married to a deceased man. Immediately after the agreement, however, she and her family are haunted by evil spirits.

Gotta give credit where credit is due…

The first part of the movie was efficient. It was scary and suspenseful when it has to be. Scenes were well-shot; the lighting was good; the sound design was serviceable.

I really like the particular scene where Mayen sees the four ghosts of the Chinese servants for the first time.

But the movie ironically just keeps dipping itself into absurdity once the inciting incident came into the picture.

First, we have Angie Lao’s Chinese accent. It sounds more like a parody (or an insult) than a legitimate Chinese. And here I am thinking we are done hearing this…

Second, the movie has HUGE problems when it came to their CGI/VFX. It’s obviously fake, and it just takes away all the scares. Seriously, I am more scared when the Chinese demon/ghost appears via practical effects. I guess, Filipino horror and Filipino VFX/CGI simply does not go along for now.

Third, the climax just totally turned me off… The set design was horrible; the CGI looks messy and all over the place; AND THE FIGHT SCENE! There was a short swordfight in the climax. The movie did not bother at all to establish Mayen as a capable swordsman. It just happened.

Lastly, sudden (and forced) love sub-plot is forced. It feels so rushed and unnecessary.

The Ghost Bride has potential to be a horror classic, but the technological mishaps and the sudden goofiness at the end makes this…



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