Deadpool 2 Film Review

The highest grossing R-rated superhero is back! Directed by David Leitch (the John Wick franchise), Deadpool 2 aims to up the ante in its comedy and ridiculousness. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, this film brings on the chimichangas! A mercenary for hire, Deadpol/Wade Wilson (Reynolds) goes home to his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) only to find … Continue reading Deadpool 2 Film Review


Avengers: Infinity War Film Review

After 10 years, films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been intersecting left and right. This time, all lines intersect at one point... Directed by the Russo brothers (Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War), Avengers: Infinity War is the 19th film in the MCU franchise and has an ensemble cast. Defeating Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War Film Review

Ready Player One Film Review

Holy pop culture phenomenon! Director Steven Spielberg brings us back to our childhood with Ready Player One, a cluster fest of everything 80s and pop culture. Starring Tyler Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, and Mark Rylance, this film goes Maximum Overdrive on nostalgia. In 2045, every populated area in the world pretty much look like slums. To escape … Continue reading Ready Player One Film Review

A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review

There has been a wrinkle all right.... MY PATIENCE!!! Based on a 1962 novel of the same name, A Wrinkle in Time is director Ava DuVernay's first big budget movie. The movie star Storm Reid, Levi Miller, Deric McCabe, and Oprah Winfrey. Four years after the disappearance of her well-known astrophysicist father Alexander (Chris Pine), Meg Murry … Continue reading A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review

Black Panther Film Review

Black Panther is a film with a heart of gold... or vibranium. Directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed and Fruitvale Station), Black Panther is the 18th feature film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first MCU film with a predominantly black cast. Starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, and Danai Gurira, this film is set immediately after … Continue reading Black Panther Film Review

The Greatest Showman Film Review

A musical written by the duo who wrote the La La Land songs... I am interested... Marking his directorial debut, Michael Gracey gives us The Greatest Showman, a musical about the creation of the Barnum and Bailey Circus, which sadly closed last year. Starring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Michelle Williams, this film aims to inspire … Continue reading The Greatest Showman Film Review